ILuminex 3-Step Eye & Face Rejuvenation & Lifting System


  • Iluminex Beauty Eye & Face 3 Step Anti Aging Kit System-Booster Nutrition Tightening Lifting Device, Anti Wrinkle Gel, Rejuvenation Skin Care Cream.

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    iLuminex 3-Step Eye & Face Rejuvenation & Lifting System is an advanced solution for minimizing the visible signs of premature aging in the sensitive eye area and can also be used for the entire face where needed. Our Ionic Lifting & Massaging Device is based on new intense micro-vibration and heating technology and our advanced Eye & Face Lifting Cream & Gel are formulated specifically to help battling and minimizing the visibility of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin that show on your eye area and face, for a flawless appearance. All 3 items can be used in tandem or separately. For all skin types.

    Directions: Step 1 – Eye & Face Gel: Shake well. Apply over clean skin. Massage until fully absorbed. Use 2-3 times a week. Step 2 – Device: Charge device before use. Device turns ON using a smart sensor when in contact with the skin. Rotate heating button as needed to activate on/off heating feature. Apply device and massage skin in the eye area and where needed for about 10 minutes. Clean massage head with a tissue after use and put on cap. Step 3 – Eye & Face Lifting Cream: Shake well. Apply a small amount over targeted areas. Tap lightly, do NOT rub. Stay motionless for 3-5 minutes to let cream dry. Top with Eye Gel if needed. Use as needed.