Diamond Infused Skin Care

Forever Flawless is the only luxury brand in the global skin care industry to successfully integrate super-exfoliant, natural diamond powder to its formulas for flawless results.

As the hottest trends in the beauty industry today are diamond facial treatments and diamond microdermabrasion treatments, Forever Flawless is the perfect combination between scientific professional skin care and non-invasive, premium, high-end skin care for personal use at home.  Celebrities, supermodels, and many of the rich and famous have been raving about Diamond Facials conducted in exclusive SPAs in LA, NYC, MIAMI, LONDON, PARIS and so on.

Now you can enjoy similar Anti-Aging benefits and explore the Age-Defying therapeutic powers of Dimaonds at the comfort of your own home. Our products contain super-exfoliant natural diamond powder to ensure the delivery of the most advanced active and age-defying ingredients in our facial creams, serums, and masks into the deeper layers of the skin for maximum results.
The outcome is overwhelming: within a few applications wrinkles and fine lines diminish and other skin concerns such as age spots, acne, and marks are significantly improved. Forever Flawless caters to those who want to look and feel their best and be flawless forever.

La Company

Formed in Las Vegas, USA in 2011 Forever Flawless’s goal from day one was to be a global leader in the luxury segment of the premium Anti-Aging beauty industry.
Forever Flawless was founded by 4 entrepreneurs with vast experience in marketing, branding, luxury retail, and manufacturing of personal, premium skin care products.

The company teamed up with best-practice laboratories and skin care experts to deliver a special brand – based on diamond powder – the generates real, visible results. Within 2 years Forever Flawless opened over 20 flagship locations in the best shopping centers worldwide including in Las Vegas, NYC, Miami, Paris, Singapore, and London.

Today, Forever Flawless has over 65 flagship beauty boutiques in America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
Forever Flawless’s moto is that everyone can look and feel their best and that super exclusive Diamond facials should be available not only to the rich and famous. Forever Flawless does not mass-distribute its exclusive skincare and the products are not available at department stores or discount stores. Instead, Forever Flawless elite skin care is available at specific designated beauty boutiques that focus on the shopping experience, services, and the connection between the beauty specialists to the customers.

Why Diamonds?

Diamonds, the most precious gemstones, have been widely known for their exceptional powers and miraculous abilities.
In ancient times diamonds were regarded as the gemstones of Venus, the Roman goddess that represents beauty, love, and fertility. In modern times diamonds are considered as a symbol of purity and perfection. Needless to say that diamonds are women’s best friends and that diamonds are the ultimate symbol for luxury and perfection.

The only skin care line to successfully integrate super exfoliant natural diamond powder to its product line.

Full line of skin care line including facial and body products.

Forever Flawless products are formulated to generate instant overwhelming noticeable results.

Forever Flawless caters to beauty enthusiasts at fine retail boutiques in the best shopping centers worldwide.

The Forever Flawless line comes in high end acrylic diamond-like jars boxed in hand-made boxes.

Forever Flawless products are proudly made in the USA, NOT tested on animals, and Paraben free.