1) How can I purchase the Forever Flawless – Diamond Infused Skincare products?

You can purchase the Forever Flawless products in many ways:

You can visit one of our physical exclusive brick-and-mortar stores. A list of stores is available on our homepage under LOCATIONS..

You can place a telephone order with us. Call us at 470-545-3577 and our beauty specialists will customize your order and make sure you are happy with your purchase.

Shop online on www.foreverflawless.com. Our website is a friendly, easy, secure, and hassle-free. Just browse our site, review our collections, fill up your shopping cart and once ready click the checkout button and follow the instructions that guide you through the checkout process. Your order will be processed and shipped within 2 business days. Make sure to sign up to our mailing lists to receive coupons in the mail and invites to special promotions.

2) Do I need to pay for shipping and handling?

We offer FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING AND HANDLING FOR ALL ORDERS OVER $99 IN THE CONTINENTAL USA. We usually ship with FEDEX though reserve the rights to ship with UPS/ USPS/ DHL when needed. Orders shipped outside the continental USA are charged with $39.95 flat fee to anywhere in the world. Orders inside the continental USA and are less than $99 will be charged with a flat fee of $9.95. We will make sure to try our best to send all orders as gifts. However, for international orders the customer is responsible for any duties or customs charges that may apply in different countries.

3) What payments method you accept?

Forever Flawless accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal payments.

4) Do I need to pay sales tax?

We are required by law to charge 8.1% sales tax on orders being shipped to within the state of Nevada. There are no taxes imposed on orders that ship to all other states.

5) How secure is your web site?

Forever Flawless uses one of the most advanced security systems available today on the Internet, called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. Our software scrambles your credit card and personal information so no one outside our system can read or access it. We also use Paypal as our credit card processing system. That is, we do not store your credit card information.

6) What are your shipping policies?

We usually ship within 2 business days from receiving the order. Within the continental USA we currently ship with Fedex (www.fedex.com). Outside the USA we usually ship with DHL or FEDEX. We do however reserve the rights to ship with UPS/ USPS/ DHL when needed.  We ship from our fulfillment center in Las Vegas, Nevada and for the most part all orders are shipped PRIORITY.

7) How do I know the Forever Flawless products I am purchasing are authentic?

There are many online and offline retailers that sell counterfeit, expired, or stolen items.

The best way to make sure the Forever Flawless products you are buying are authentic is to either but is directly from Forever Flawless either online or over the telephone or to purchase the products at an authorized retail location. A list of authorized locations is at the bottom of our home page and you are always welcome to call and verify the authenticity of you source. In any event, The Forever Flawless are NOT authorized to be sold online except on our company website www.foreverflawless.com or on our OFFICIAL STORES on AMAZON and eBay. If you see the Forever Flawless products online at lower price points NOT on our official stores please be cautious and avoid online piracy.

8) What is your Return/Exchange policy AND what is your SATISFACTION GUARANTEED program?

Although most luxury cosmetic / skincare companies do not accept returns mainly due to the inability to assure how the products were handled / stored after leaving the premises, Forever Flawless will accept returned items that answer to the following conditions:


If you had a change of heart and decide you want to return brand new / unused and unopened products, you can return products based on the following conditions:

The purchase was made on: www.foreverflawless.com OR over the phone directly from the Forever Flawless corporate/brand office. We, as corporate, can only handle returns/ exchanges if we have all the transaction details, were paid directly for the goods, and thus have access to reverse the transaction.

If you purchased the products at an independent / 3rd party owned and operated retail location or authorized reseller, to resolve any transaction issues/ exchanges/ or returns, please contact the specific point of sale where you purchased the goods, as each point of sale has its own return policies as established by its ownership team. We can assist with any product related questions or usage issues if needed – simply call our offices, just please be aware that the retail stores are separate independent business entities and resolutions with regards to purchases and in store experiences will/must be handled at the retail level. (NOTE: Forever Flawless Corporate does not engage in brick & mortar retail (ONLY direct retail via our online website/or by phone.)

The items must arrive back to Forever Flawless offices within 14 days from the date the transaction was made in order to be returned or exchanged. Items must be accompanied by the original receipt and a letter explaining the reason for the return/exchange. The items must arrive back in its original form, namely, in its original package, sealed and unopened/unused in order to be returned or exchanged. Customer is responsible for any additional shipping costs on exchanged items. Please call our office for return instructions (470) 545-3577. All refunds are subject to a 25% handling/restocking fee.

All refunds will be credited to the card used to make the original purchase. Please allow one or two billing cycles for the credit to appear on your statement.


At Forever Flawless we are confident with the Quality and high level performance of our products. We would like to encourage you to enjoy the Forever Flawless experience “worry-free”. Therefore, we offer our FOREVER FLAWLESS SATISFACTION GUARANTEED PROGRAM:

Try any of our Forever Flawless products pretty much risk-free. Add them to your beauty routine, see how well they work with your skincare regimen, and savor the compliments you will receive. We are confident you will LOVE it! In the event you are not fully satisfied, here are the terms and conditions of our SATISFACTION GUARANTEED program for opened and used products:

EXCHANGE: Return opened / used product and you can exchange with any NEW Forever Flawless product (of equal or lesser value). Up to 1 exchange per product allowed. Regular S&H fees apply.

REFUND: Receive a full refund (minus a 25% handling / restocking fee). Ship back the product/s you have tried and are not satisfied with along with your original receipt and add a note stating why you are not satisfied, please include full contact information. In the event you chosen not to exchange the retuned items with another product to try, we will refund you.

Both the exchange and refund options included in our SATISFACTION GUARANTEED PROGRAM can be utilized for opened/used products within 30 days of purchase with the proof of purchase in the form of the original receipt.

The purchase was made on: www.foreverflawless.com OR over the phone directly from Forever Flawless corporate office via our sales line (470) 545-3577. We can only handle returns/ exchanges if we have the transaction details, were paid directly for the goods, and thus have access to reverse the transaction.

Our SATISFACTION GUARANTEED PROGRAM is also accepted at a few select retail locations that have chosen to participate. If you did not purchase directly from us, you must contact the retailer where the original transaction was made to see what their specific Return/Refund policies and processes are.

9)What’s your privacy policy?

At Forever Flawless we are committed to your privacy. Therefore, we will not sell, rent, share or loan your personal information to any unrelated third parties.