Eye Defining Device


Incorporating intelligent vibration technology and a dual-mode massage head, this device is a breakthrough in facial skin care.

This device reduces fine lines, dark circles, sun damage and improves scar appearance. It is designed for use under the eyes but can also be used in the face and other smaller areas in the body.

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    Equipped with an intelligent vibration system and dual mode functions, the Eye Defining Device is a breakthrough in facial skin care. It is compact and safe to travel with to ensure uninterrupted treatments anywhere in the world. This device can be used as an addition to creams, lotions or masks to improve absorption into your skin and is designed for use around the eye area and general face.

    • Muscle stimulation
    • Improved blood circulation
    • Increased collagen synthesis
    • Reducing wrinkles & fine lines
    • Eliminating dark circles & sun spots
    • Rejuvenating skin cells